Consumers want to consume more live music
DC3 is uniquely positioned to make live music digital

DC3 is a Concert Production Company with Multi-Channel Distribution Strategy
that spans digital, mobile, AND Brick and Mortar

DC3 Music Group is the premier producer, syndicator & distributor of digital live music content.

Film Production
Led by award winning Director Daniel C. Catullo, Producer of exclusive HD concert DVDs,
music documentaries and promotional materials for top bands.

We own full digital rights to everything we produce or acquire.
We own a premium Video Catalog and are holders of 4 Guinness World records.
We enjoy Direct to Artist and Management relationships.
We provide an end to end solution, including:
• Unparalleled  access to Artists and Management
• Recognized leadership in HD concert production
• Multi-faceted advertising and promotional tools to drive traffic
• A wide range of syndicated distribution channels for digital music

We set the industry production standard while employing leading directors and use:

• Multi-camera high-definition video with SRS Circle Surround Sound DTS
• Dolby Surround Sound advanced technology
• Concerts are recorded with multiple High Definition television cameras
• SRS Circle Surround, DTS and Dolby 5.1 Digital
• Extensive camera coverage allows viewers of the DVD to choose the camera shot or angle for any portion of the DVD
  and to experience the feeling of being at the live-concert.

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